So Ugly, He’s Cute

Posted on: 2017/06/14

This post has been inspired by my lovely friend, Samantha. Today she posted a couple of beautiful pictures of ducks and had some fun captioning them.  Many thanks for the idea to post this picture.

I had just run across this little gem featuring Bramble the Hedgehog – actually, I sent it to a friend with a comment on how long last night’s Boston Red Sox game ran – and realised that if he weren’t so cute, he’d be ugly.

Pooped Baseball Fan.jpg

Honestly, look at him. He looks … dead.  Fear not.  He isn’t. In fact, I can hear him running his nightly marathon as I type this.  He was rather tired when I took this photo.  We were snuggled on the sofa and watching T.V.  Well, I was snuggled. He was using me as a jungle gym until he tired himself out.  After reading Samantha’s post, I wondered, “How many fun captions could I come up with for His Prickly Poopedness?”

Care to give it a go?

5 Responses to "So Ugly, He’s Cute"

Hmm. How about.. “Bramble thought he’d have a little lie down while pondering some prickly issues…”
😸 I’ll be back when I think of another one! 😺💕 xxx

Sir Bramble approves, and I quite like that, too!

Oh my gosh what a cutie!

Thank you! He is a charmer.

You are welcome 🙂

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