Leave Your Food Alone: Play with Your Words

Posted on: 2016/06/25

I love languages, especially my own, the English language.  While it can be difficult to learn, I find it rich in rewards.  My favourite reward is the playfulness it can inspire.

Other cultures also like to play with their languages.  The Japanese have a poetic style known as “haiku”.  This short, structure poem form requires three lines with specific syllable counts (five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables).  For example:

Haiku poetry

Quite deceptively simple

Syllables fight back


Local accents can add (or delete) syllables, so I find myself counting on my fingers as I slowly say the words.

Many share love of the haiku.  Let me introduce you to my favourite: Haiku Ewe.  The brainchild of Big Al, the Gal, Haiku Ewe describes her life and activities using only the haiku form.  I think she and her creator are brilliant.


Check them out if you have a chance at

3 Responses to "Leave Your Food Alone: Play with Your Words"

So cute!!

Thank you for stopping by, and I’m glad you enjoyed my bit of whimsy.

I surely did Victoria…thank you!

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