I Sit

Posted on: 2017/01/27

As I sit
I breathe
Air in nostrils
Rush of wind
Neap and ebb
Little monkeys
Lead me astray
From the breath
But I return
Filling lungs
Emptying stress
Easing heartache
Monkeys distract
With traffic passing
Purring cat
Running hedgehog
Quiet monkeys
For a moment
While I sit
And I breathe

We interrupt this blog to bring you a personal (and most likely) unnecessary quick confession.

I had originally started this blog in January of 2013, shortly after my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The intent: a space to let my inner child (okay – and my outer one, too) howl and rail at the fates. I naïvely believed that I would journal my way through the experience of losing my dearest parent.  Having lost my father 14 years or so prior, I thought, “I know what’s coming. I can cope. I just need to find outlets for my thoughts. When faced with death, it’s a good time to get creative.” How little I did know…

Today, it’s July 2016. Three-and-a-half years have gone by. During that time, I have cherished my mother, nursed her, celebrated her, and mourned her.  Her battle with cancer lasted 10 months. She died, October 21, 2013, at our home surrounded by her cats and an incredible amount of love.  I never did write about what was going on during that terrible\wonderful year. Mainly, I lived in the moment and responded as needed, when needed.  Since her death, I have grieved and I have learned.

So much of who I am now and what I have to say was born then, in that ten-month span. It’s amazing what a woman in her mid-forties can discover when she’s not paying attention. I couldn’t possible continue with my writing if I didn’t acknowledge its source.  Thank you for listening.

We now return to our regularly scheduled whimsy. Here are those magnificent cat companions: Lexie, Mog, and Myster.

@Lexie @Moggie @Myster

(However, I am inspired by cats.)>^^<

Nothing has ever intrigued a cat more

Than something as simple as a half-opened door.

Her tail just quivers. Her whiskers quake,

As she ponders and muses on the mischief she’ll make.

Just what could there be behind that portal?

Perhaps cobblies or woozlies or something mere mortal?

Curiosity raised, she creeps toward the door.

Her body stretched out hugging close to the floor.

She pounces and bats a mighty swipe with her paw.

The door slowly opens. Can you guess what she saw?

A room bright and cheery with sunshine galore,

A place she had left merely moments before.

(c) 2010 Victoria Lyn Ellsworth


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